October 3, 2017

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Topical Flea and Heartworm Prevention…

There are many forms of flea and heartworm preventatives available on the market. Some are supplied as injectable, oral and topical applications. It is the topical products that seem to have a higher number of reported adverse reactions according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Most parasite preventative products are safe when used as directed. It is the “used as directed” part that seems to be the issue. All products have instructions on “how to use properly and safely” – the directions are usually on the packaging or in an insert in the packaging. These instructions should not be ignored! It will outline how to apply the product, when to apply the product and what species to apply the product to. For example, some topicals cannot be used right after a dog has been bathed, nor can the dog be bathed right after it has been applied. Some require a special shampoo when bathing your dog so as not to remove the product from your pet’s skin. Still others have warnings not to pet your dog until the product has completely dried. Never apply a dog product to a cat or a cat product to a dog. 

When you purchase a product from Ark Animal Hospital you will get the expertise of the staff. The veterinarian will take into consideration your pet’s age, lifestyle and heath status before recommending a product. You then will be given instructions on the safest way to apply the product, when to apply the product and frequency of administration. Also need to consider that manufacturers will guarantee their product if purchased from Ark Animal Hospital – so you have nothing to lose.

Topical products can be very effective as long as the product is applied correctly and in a timely fashion. Please read the labels carefully before applying any product to your pet. Remember it is never too much trouble to ask the staff of Ark Animal Hospital for assistance with your flea and heartworm preventions.

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