Hospitalization & Intensive Care

When your family member is sick, we want to make their hospital stay as comfortable as possible. We know that they would rather be at home, so we try to give them as much reassurance as possible.

For your pet’s safety:

  • All hospitalized animals must be up to date on vaccinations.
  • Animals not current will be vaccinated at the owner’s expense.
  • Animals harboring parasites such as fleas, ticks, or internal parasites will be treated at the owner’s expense.
  • Animals suspected of harboring an infectious disease will be placed in isolation;. this may incur an extra expense to the owner. The veterinarian will advise you if isolation is necessary.


If your pet is in the hospital for extended stay, feel free to visit. Our staff will be glad to accommodate you.

Occasionally, we must take care of very sick pets. These critical care pets need constant attention. Our critical care unit is a separate area with observation windows so that we can keep these patients isolated, free from noise, yet still be observed every minute.