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Be Flea Free This Summer with These Simple Steps...

Fleas can, at times, be our pet’s number one enemy.  These annoying little insects can cause itching, skin concerns, allergies, blood diseases, and intestinal parasites in dogs and cats.  Fleas are not just a harmless nuisance; they can actually be lethal if in large enough numbers.  Significant numbers of fleas can result in a life threatening blood loss (known as anemia) or systemic blood disease, such as Bartonella in cats. 

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Fleas can be easily transmitted from the outdoors even if your pet is exclusively indoors. They travel on our clothing, socks and bodies.  Once inside, one flea can lay hundreds of eggs on our pets, in carpet fibers, or in the cracks of hardwood floors.  It takes about 3 weeks for the egg to develop into an adult flea.  The average life span of the adult flea is 4-6 weeks and female fleas lay eggs continuously until death.  As the summer months are upon us, so are the throngs of fleas; fleas thrive in warm weather and the population increases exponentially.

Today, we have very effective products to help us and our pets avoid the dangers of flea infestation.  There are products that kill adult fleas, sterilize fleas, and new insecticides. Formulations include both topical (examples include Revolution and Frontline) and oral products (such as Comfortis and Capstar).

If you are having a concern getting control of fleas on your pet you may need to consider changing flea products as fleas can over time develop a “resistance”, so to speak to insecticides that they have been repetitively exposed to.  Another way to avoid flea “resistance” is to choose a product that has a flea sterilizer. For example, in Frontline Plus, the “Plus” portion represents a chemical called methoprene.  This agent acts to stop the maturation of the larvae therefore preventing the development of adult fleas.

The best way to fight fleas is dual pronged: consistently have your pet on flea prevention and also practice environmental control habits. These habits include: vacuuming the areas that your pets have access to, washing bedding frequently, and treating the environment with flea control that is safe for pets.

If you are still having flea concerns, there are products available through your veterinarian that may help you get a handle on the situation.  Always be cautious of where the products that you are giving to your pets are coming from and make sure to purchase them from a reliable source or veterinarian’s office to ensure their safety and efficacy.  At Ark Animal Hospital, we offer our clients easy online ordering directly from the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s at competitive prices.

With our help and diligence, our pets can live happy, flea free lives!

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