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Frequently Asked Questions...

Question: Sometimes my puppy growls and snaps at me when I am petting him. He has shown no other signs of aggression. Is this something that I should be concerned about or is this just his way of warning me that he wants to be left alone?

Answer: The growling and snapping are signs that your puppy thinks he is number one in your household. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation for a good trainer or behaviorist in your area to consult with and correct this problem. The growling and snapping will only escalate as your puppy ages. Always remember that a growl is a bite about to happen.

Question: How can I remove the smell of cat urine from my carpet?

Answer: Cat urine should be cleaned from a carpet with a special enzyme cleaner that you might have to purchase at a janitorial supply shop if you can't find it elsewhere. Ask your veterinarian. Many keep it on hand for clients to use at home. Because urine usually soaks through to the padding, you might have to consider rolling back the carpet and cutting out and replacing a patch of the padding to do a really good job.

Whenever cats are having unusual toilet habits, it's also important to check for physical problems that may be causing it. Infections, diabetes, and other diseases can change the behavior of a normally litterbox trained cat. Check with your veterinarian on these issues so that you don't just clean the carpet and overlook a possible physical problem.

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If your pet has a present medical condition that you have questions about, please call our office at 904-886-2751 and contact us today.


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